Monday, February 16, 2009

How to Get Free Xbox 360 in Four Easy Steps!

This tutorial helps you get Free Xbox 360 Premium the easy, fast and free way. To get Free Xbox 360 Premium just read this tutorial and you will get your sweet reward in no time!

Have you ever heard of people getting items for free? I have gotten a Playstation3, a Nintendo Wii, a 32gb iPod Touch, and a Macbook totally free!

Do you want Xbox 360 but cannot afford to buy one? Let me show you how to get xbox 360 for free! It's totally legit and fast!

I will get Xbox 360 for free and you will get Xbox 360 for free too! It's very simple, easy to do, and it's real! A company named Transcendent Innovations (TRAINN) is a Grade A company which never fails to ship out a totally free XBOX 360. They own a website called! These are the following freebies you can get from their website:

  • A Xbox360 Premium System
  • A Xbox360 Premium System with Game of Choice
  • A Xbox360 Premium System with Two Games of Choice
  • An Xbox360 Premium System with a Controller and One Game of Choice
  • An Xbox360 Premium System with a Controller and Two Games of Choice
  • An Xbox360 Elite System
  • $415 Cash
If you aren't a gamer or you already own the system, you can choose the Cash Prize which is real nice! The following explains in depth how to get a Free Xbox360 Game System!

If you think this is a scam, read the HOW DOES THIS WORK section! If the pictures on the right don't give you enough proof then watch this video where CNN, NBC, and G4TV all say this method and website "Transcendent Innovations" (TRAINN) on how to get your easy FREE Xbox 360 Today is not a scam and is 100% TRUE!

Major News Sources are proving this site legit. - Proven Totally True by These News Sources.

I'm sure you now have many question you would like answered.

1. What's the catch?

There is no catch! Once you complete an offer, the company pays TRAINN some money. When you refer someone and they complete an offer, the company gives more money to TRAINN. So don't worry! I've used this website many times and I've never had a problem. Nobody has ever complained about identity theft so there is no worries about them stealing your information!

2. Will they spam my inbox?

No they won't. They only send me emails to report me about anything like completed offers, sent orders, etc.

3. Is it easy to get referrals?

Referrals don't just jump in front of you to pick up. They easiest way to get referrals is from family members or friends. Remember though, you shouldn't refer the ones living with you! Why? TRAINN sees this as fraud because of the same IP address (Internet Connection.) Refer someone who doesn't live with you and maybe write about this in your blog. Don't forget to put your referral link on there! Be creative!!!


1. Signup

First off, you have to sign up to receive your Free Xbox 360 using the link above. Start off by entering your email address and the other information they ask you. You have to give them 100% valid information in order to get your Free Xbox 360! Of course, they give you the option to sign up for a referral account or a points account. I chose the referral account because its much easier and doesn't cost money like the points account! Be sure to sign up under referral account (But you don't have to.)

2. Complete One Offer

*NOTE. Before completing an offer, make sure you use only Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox and also make sure you have your cookies set to accept all cookies. Don't worry, Cookies are only used to track that you completed an offer and to make sure you get credit. If you don't get credit for completing an offer, those are the #1 reasons why. Also, keep all proof that says you completed the offer, such as a screenshot in case you don't get credited.

This is the most important step of all. Why? Even if you had more than the required referrals, you cannot recieve your Free Xbox 360 without completing an offer. Therefore, it is advisable if you do this one first and make sure you are credited before trying to find referrals. You only need to complete one easy offer! Pick an interesting offer that will appeal to you since most of these offers offer you something to recieve! Of course, a tip I would also suggest is to do an offer that offers you a free trial, then cancel the trial after you recieve credit! As long as the requirements for the offer doesn't state how long you have to be registered, you can do this! Also, don't be afriad to give away your credit card number because The FREE Xbox 360 website assures you that you will not be scammed!

The offer I completed was the Google Money Tree offer. It is basically a website that sends you a free kit that explains how to make money using Google and Yahoo! You only pay the shipping and handling charges which are $3.88. In my opinion, that isn't a lot for a Free Xbox 360 and it even gives you tips and tricks to make money online! Of course, do any offer you please, that was purely a suggestion.

But don't forget, you can always do a trial offer, get credited, then cancel the trial.

3. Refer Your Friends

You should refer you friends to do the same things you did by giving them your referral link. This way you would get referrals to help you get a Free Xbox 360 and at the same time helping your friend get a Free Xbox 360. The number of people you need to refer depends on the prize you choose. Also, put your link out there on the Internet for people to see. Of course, read TRAINN's rules before you do this because if you break a rule they will delete your account!

4. Recieve Your Free Gift

Once you have completed the steps above, the totally Free Xbox 360 will be shipped to you at no cost! It will arrive at your front door within 2 weeks! If you choose the cash reward you can get it sent to your paypal in 3-5 days or receive a check in the mail.

If you followed all of these steps, you will receive your sweet reward!

Good luck!


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